Airsoft is more than just shooting the other guy

My name is Verage and I have been playing Airsoft since 2006. Making videos, helping people and building a community is my passion.

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About me

Building community around Airsoft is what I love the most

Since I started playing airsoft I have put energy in building and growing airsoft communities. It started in Belgium but that has grown not only to Europe but to the world. By bringing airsofters together and sharing knowledge we can make airsoft bigger and stronger.


Watch my Airsoft videos on YouTube

In 2020 I started my own youtube channel to show airsoft as it really is, by creating full length airsoft videos from events I went to. Besides gameplay I’m building a gear series about all the gear and rifles I use during small and bigger events. The occasional brainfart video makes the list complete.


Gear and clothing

Coming soon



Coming soon



Join me when I’m livestreaming games

Playing in virtual world is fun as well. Every now and then I stream on Twitch and enjoy the mayhem of realistic first person shooters like Hell Let Loose or Arma3.

Join me – either in the game or in the chat.


Send me a message

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me here or on social media. Talking about airsoft is what I love to do.

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