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Perun Clicker – Get a better experience!

Perun Clicker

Speed triggers, hair triggers, binary triggers and all that stuff that makes your rifle go faster. There is one company going in the other direction and focuses on realism with this little product called ‘the Clicker’

Perun, who else, created this little device to mimic the real steel counterparts. It simulates the break in the trigger action. Creating a small pre-travel distance before the rifle shoots. 

I applaud Perun for creating the clicker and going away from all the electronic triggers, speed triggers and hair triggers because I don’t like the feeling of those. Once you play around with the clicker, you just want to keep using it. It’s oddly satisfying to shoot the rifle. 

The clicks, oooooh, the clicks are awesome. 

Especially in a DMR setting, the clicker falls right into place. 

The version I have is one of the first versions and they improved it along the way to perfect it. A thing that Perun is known for, creating the best possible product to improve the user experience. 


Installing the Clicker is a piece of cake. Yes it does work with the V2 hybrid mosfet from Perun, but that’s a good choice to have anyway. Once you installed the V2 hybrid mosfet, remove the magnet holder, the clicker has its own magnet. You position the clicker in its position and close the gearbox. It will be a tight fit, because the clicker should not move at all. I installed it in my ICS UK1 and it works perfectly. I also tried it in different ICS gearboxes and they all work perfectly, even the SSS gearboxes with a hole in the shell to fit the ICS mosfet. 

You can adjust the break force with a small screw in the clicker to perfect it to how you like it. 

Besides the breakforce you can also adjust the pre-travel distance. I like to have a little bit of pre travel, but you can completely eliminate it by adjusting the screws. 

The last setting is to set the trigger sensitivity to 5 for both selector positions. Depending on the setting of the break force, you might need to adjust it to 4, if the shot happens before the wall is breached. Play around with it so it works the way you like it.  

Do note that after installing, the 2 stage trigger function does not work anymore also the mechanical trigger safety has to be removed. 

As always Perun has an amazing simple manual on their website, I will link it in the descriptions. Just follow that manual and you will be fine. 

Use it and have fun,

It’s hard to explain how much fun it is to use it. So every time I have the chance I show it to people and let them use it. So far, all people loved it and some actually installed them in their rifles because of how much fun it is. 

The only minor thing about the clicker is that it’s only available for V2 gearboxes. So my ARK can’t have it, yet. Looking at you Perun. 

The V3 Clicker is on it’s way to me.

It’s in the little things and the Clicker fits in that category perfectly. Thank you Perun for creating a little fun item that will create a little bit of joy with each trigger pull. 

If you’re like me and like realism, go get yourself some Perun stuff and install the clicker.