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Airsoft Market/Fair 2022 – What did I bring?

Airsoft Fair – Airborne Events – First edition

Why are you into airsoft? One of my reasons is because of the social interactions with other people and having fun. Well, this is what happened during this small event. 

I was present at the first Airsoft fair/Market organized by Airborne events and I had a blast. Was it small, yes. Were there a lot of people, no. Did I had a amazing time, yes. And in this video I’m going to tell you why. 

Let’s start with the setup of this event.
The idea is to bring airsofters together in another setting. Give people that are new in airsoft, the chance to learn more about it. Give airsofters the chance to sell some second hand gear. Give the chance to teams to present themselves to other people. 

You’ve heard it right, Airborne events gave a lot of chances and that is one of the reasons I was there. If someone is trying to do something good for the airsoft community I support them as much as I can. More about that later. 

Airborne events organizes events on Blackwoods, an airsoft field that has been going on for over 10 years but now they are taking up the task to make this field great again. They did an amazing job and that shows when you drive up in the parking lot. Another reason I wanted to be there, I wanted to see the changes myself. 

I was there to represent a few different things. As you know I’m quite active in the airsoft community and I wanted to show some of the things I’m doing. 

First of all, myself as Verage Airsoft. Telling people what I do and why I do it. Giving them my card for more airsoft stuff. It was the first time that I was able to promote myself like that and it was fun. 

Second, AAB or Airsoft Alliance Belgium. I have been active in AAB for 6-7 years. AAB works a lot behind the scenes to make sure that we can keep playing airsoft and lifting airsoft to a higher level. This was the perfect opportunity to step out of those shadows and tell people what we do. A lot of people heard about us but don’t really know what we do. 

Third, ICS. I have been an ICS Captain for 5 years and I missed talking about my ICS rifles. ICS has very interesting features and it’s just easier to show people, in real life, than behind a screen. I brought rifles, pistols and goodies. 

Fourth, Airsoft United. My small baby airsoft project to bring airsofters together and make it easier for players to find what they are looking for. Sometimes I forget how much we need something like that. Events like this remind me that players want this. So this was to explain what it is but also to see if people like the idea. Well they do. 

Fifth, yes, I had a lot of stuff with me. Ares Alpha. For the people that have been following the channel they know that I support those 2 crazy Romanian dudes that have developed the best Airsoft App I have ever seen. So every time I have the chance I promote them. Showing the people what it is and how an organizer can use it in its games. I did an Ares Alpha test game where people could join in and see how it works. 

And as a last thing I brought some second hand gear to sell and tried not to buy too much stuff. 

It was amazing to be able to talk to people in real life about all the stuff I’m working on. If 2 years of corona taught me something is that we need that. Well, I need that. Airsoft is more than just shooting bbs at each other. A lot about airsoft is social interactions. When we go and play airsoft I don’t have that much time to talk about other stuff besides the game. You haven’t seen each other for a while so you talk about daily things or the game. But there is some stuff that I want to tell people. So during this event I had the chance to talk for more than 6 hours about different projects and it was amazing. 

People needed that, I needed that. So I want to thank Airborne events for not talking about it but just doing it. Yes there were not that many boots, yes there were not that many people but you did something to get people off their ass and you have to start somewhere. 

I will be present at the next one with more stuff and more people, that’s for sure!

I’ll put some more information about airborne events in the description of the video. As soon as there is a new date I will announce it on my socials too. Let’s get together and have a good time. Share a drink and have a talk about airsoft things.