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Airsofter World March update

March 2024, Update

Airsofter World is growing in different directions, we’re getting the word out of what we do and why we do it. Together with associations, organisers, shops, manufacturers and players we’re moving forward, step by step.

Update 03

With the funds of the fundraiser and some additional funds from the bannerspace, we managed to release the first part of the Update 03. From now on, all organisers can add events to the platform. Organisers that use their own ticket system/website can add their events to the calendar. This gives the option to link any blog post to all events posted on AW.

After the release of this update, all new organisers pay a fee of 50 eur a year for all organisers packages. If you use the registration system or not, with no limit on the amount of events or registered players. When the full update 03 is completed, the fee for ‘non AW organisers’ stays the same but an update will be released about the ‘AW organiser’.

More information about the organiser roadmap can be found on the image ‘Update Roadmap Organisers’. We are now in ‘Phase 3’.

Because of the update we welcome more organisers from around the world and last week we had events online from 8 different countries.

The fundraiser is still online to fund the rest of Update 03, more information here: https://gofund.me/10599fb5

New Countries added to the network

This update no new countries were added to the list, but we strengthened the teams of countries that we already have a link with. Growth happened in the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine
  • Germany

Not only the link to the country is important, growing the Airsofter World team and setting up communication and collaboration with the countries associations is vital. A lot of work happens on different levels, in different countries.

If you want to help grow Airsofter World in your country, please contact us.


The amount of accounts went over 11000. The last few months we had a steady growth of about 1%. This is because of the rise of more organisers, even if it’s only a few, and spreading the word by the Airsofter World teams. Spreading the word to your fellow airsofters and organisers helps us to reach more airsofters and reaching more airsofters means we’re growing the worldwide airsoft community by linking it together.


As mentioned before, Associations are the foundation of airsoft in a country. They are the link to other countries and do a lot of work behind the scenes. After a long search we finally got in contact with the EAF (European Airsoft Federation) to communicate what can be done together. In the coming months, Airsofter World and the associations will move forward to create an international connection that is needed to recognize airsoft as a sport in more countries. To be able to do that, associations need as much support as possible from all angles to pull this off. If you’re not a member of your countries association, contact them and sign up.

Social media posts

We try to keep up to date with the posts on all social platforms, but last months we needed to shift our energy. More posts will come in the future to be able to be shared around and used to promote what we do.

IWA 2024

Airsofter World was present on IWA, not as Airsofter World itself, which is a goal for 2025. But we walked around, had meetings, searched partners and spread the word to players, organisers and shops. We had meetings with the following companies:

  • Wolverine Airsoft
  • ASG
  • Rogue Worx
  • Krale Wholesale
  • OPS Store
  • Evolution
  • Rossi
  • Ares Alpha
  • Delta Armory
  • iWholesales
  • Vorsk
  • Specna Arms
  • RedWolf Airsoft
  • King Arms
  • ICS

It’s very important to sit down with those companies and fully explain the idea behind Airsofter World. What we’re building hasn’t been done before so taking that time is necessary. Meetings mostly lasted up to an hour because of the nature of the talks. Feedback was overall very good and companies are aware of what we’re doing. More meetings will follow to see how we can work together.

Airsofter World Games

International mission based airsoft competition where all the elements in the Airsoft community work together. More news of this will be released on a separate update, this because of the size of this project. Airsofter World, Associations, Organisers, Teams, Players, Media, … all working together to achieve one thing, grow the airsoft community.

The rough timeline for the roll out of those events is:

  • 2024, first test games in different countries
  • 2025, first national competition
  • 2026, first international competition

The first test event is planned in Belgium on April 14th. The draft rulebook will be tested and evaluated.

Keep an eye on our socials and Airsofter World for more updates.

Country Rules (Update)

One big advantage of working together, over the borders, is finding information that otherwise is hard to find. With Airsofter World, the AW teams collect and update different aspects of airsoft laws and rules in different countries. Collected information is bundled and ready for when the feature goes live. Those country rules will be automatically added to events for you as a player to easily find the information.

The document is made out of 11 questions, going from, ‘is airsoft legal’ to ‘drones and RC vehicles’. We added a 12th question concerning Pyrotechnics. Smokes and bangs are regulated by different agencies and will now be added into the Airsoft Country

Rules document

Note, this feature is not live yet. This is only prepwork for the coming feature.

Ranking & Mystery gifts

Airsofter World has a ranking, the more events you play, the higher your score gets. A fun little gimmick that we took to the next level with the help of partner shop Paradox Tactical. In Germany organisers like DeepSilver organised games, using Airsofter World. This provided a ranking in Germany at the end of 2023. Paradox provided 5 mystery packages and sent them out to the first 5 German players.

A perfect example of different entities in our community working together. Hopefully we can repeat this again in more countries at the end of 2024.

Thanks you

Airsofter World is a community driven platform. All information shared is imputed by the community. Without any one of you this platform is not able to provide information as it is today. We, with the team, keep pushing as hard as we can to provide the best platform possible to grow the thing we love, playing airsoft.

Thank you!

Airsofter World