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Airsofter World November update,

November Update,

Our monthly updates give more information on what has happened the last month and what is coming in the near future. 

Events update,

According to the roadmap, the next big update will be about events so more organizers can join the platform. We moved this update to an earlier date so organizers can join the platform without having to add parties. We have to delay this a bit, more info in the coming months. 

As for today we’re still using the system as it is. Organizers can add events if they use the Party system that is integrated in Airsofter World. We’re looking for other solutions to make sure we can have this update released on the projected time. 

Added countries & Building a team,

We upgraded the team for each country. At the start we decided to have a few people representing a country and sharing info to AW and also be the link to that specific country. Because the platform is growing fast, we decided to also grow the team for each country up to 5 to 10 people. If you want to give support to the platform and want to help, please contact us. 

Every country has a spot on our admin discord to discuss country specific items. With that country channel we move to a more structured platform to keep track of the status of each country. 

In November we had the pleasure to welcome the following people:

  • Melvin (Belgium)
  • John (Slovakia)
  • GameCam (UK)
  • Masterlate (Finland)
  • Poppe (Sweden & Finland)

Profile updates,

In the roadmap it was stated that we do continuous bug fixes and small changes. This is a list of some of the small changes that we did on the profile and news page in the last month. 

  • Rotating picture
    After uploading a portrait picture, on mobile, it rotated 90° when saving. This is fixed. 
  • News wall image max ratio 4:5
    On the news wall (on desktop) the max ratio of a picture is limited to 4:5. Before there was no max height which created posts with very long pictures. This is updated. 
  • Spacing in blog post
    When adding text to a blog post there was no way of adding spacing between lines. This has been updated and now you can add more structure to your post. 
  • Spacing text on news, instead of one line
    On the news page the full blog post was shown as one line. That was not a pretty sight and is now updated with a better layout. There is also more text showing in the newspage to give more space to add a description with the picture. 
  • Social media icons are linked again
    On your profile we added logos that link to your social media. With a layout update the links did not work anymore. With a quick fix, the links are working again and linking to your social media. 
  • Weird letters are showing in cities and regions
    Adding more regions and cities from other countries can form new small problems. Because Czech and Slovakia have different letters in their alphabet we had to update the database. The special letters were not showing up correctly, now they do. 

Country status, 

Airsofter World is growing in 19 different countries. This must have been the biggest collaboration between airsoft countries that has been formed. Growing means bringing more structure to what we’re doing to keep track of what is going on in every country. 

A small tool will keep track of the status of each country. With simple goals, each country can work at its own pace to achieve every goal.

The goals are:

  • Staring communication on Discord and growing a team
  • Adding the correct regions & cities 
  • Organizing a first event on AW

    More goals will be added to improve AW in each country while strengthening the previous goals. 

Adding locations,

In the upcoming updates the way of adding airsoft locations will change. But for now we work with the tools we have and we can add airsoft locations when we create an event. This is not the most logical way of doing it. If you’re an organizer and you struggle to add a location please contact us and we’ll help you. 

Czech first event,

Czech Republic did a first event on AW to test a lot of different aspects of events. Most of the things went very well and some bugs will be addressed in the upcoming events update. We focussed not only on adding an event but also what happens during and after the event. Those tests are very good because every country has its own way of organizing airsoft events.

Some of the aspects are listed here:

  • Posting event,
    What steps need to be followed to successfully add an event. 
  • Who was present, when to check,
    Before the event you can download the player list but you can also use the website to view the players and check them on the list if they were present. This works very well on desktop and mobile. 
  • Rating after event,
    When an event is completed, players can add a rating to the event they went to. Only the people that were present can enter a rating. There is a small question about the percentages but that will be checked and fixed if needed. 
  • Share albums,
    Media and blog posts can be linked to an event. They will automatically show up at the event itself. This works very well. 
  • Updates,
    All the issues and things that could be better are listed and will be updated soon.

Podcast, spreading the word

Spreading the word about Airsofter World is an important task. Not only spreading the word but also telling the people what Airsofter World will be in the future. Because of the slower update rate, we have to be aware that the full potential of the platform is not unleashed yet. A very way of spreading the word is taking the time to tell the full story. A podcast is a good example to do that. Robrecht was present on the Dutch podcast GOIP and recorded an english podcast Defrow, meet the Legends. We’re more than happy to be a guest to talk about Airsofter World and what the future will bring. 

Besides the verbal word, we also want to keep the players up to date with monthly updates, starting from November 2022.


We almost reached 10000 users, which is amazing. More and more people find the platform to share their airsoft related items. Let’s grow together and share more and more airsoft information. 

We want to thank every person, player, organizer, team or shop that gave input to improve Airsofter World. We need that input to grow and make the platform better. If you want to join the Airsofter World team, don’t hesitate and contact us. 

To follow the updates more closely, you can join our AW discord server, the link can be found here:

Have a good day,
Airsofter World