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Berget 20 – Let’s have a talk

Let’s have a chat about Berget 20.
I invited Blue, Yellow, Civilian players and Berget Crew to join in and have a talk about the differences between the 3 sides and how the game went.

Last year we did the same thing and it was one of the most relaxed talks I had after the game with all sides. There is always a lot of heat during the game that people bring home and doesn’t get resolved ever. By having this live-stream with all the parties present, we talk about things that have popped up good and bad. Because of that, I want to do this again but with a bit of an earlier warning for people that want to be present during the live-stream because we do take questions from the chat.

I can show some prep-work and explain some of the plans that we made during the game.
First let’s have an awesome game! See you all on site.

Let’s have that talk now (After the game)

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