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Condor FUEL HYDRATION Backpack – My choice for 12h AIRSOFT games

Fuel hydration pack CONDOR

I will go over my choice of backpack for missions between 3 to 12h, depending on the weather. Because this is for missions between 3 to 12h it is my most used backpack on milsims and weekend games. This bag is also my goto bag for small walking trips. 

As it is the same for all my gear, I searched a long time to find the right backpack for the right price. airsoft is already very expensive, especially for the bigger games. That is why I search for items that can be used in multiple occasions. 

My choice for a smaller backpack/Hydration carrier is the Fuel Hydration pack, made by Condor. 


The outside of the bag is made of good fabric It’s a very durable material and quite water resistant. The inside is made of some … material 

The outside has some molle straps, but as I said before, I don’t like to add a lot of stuff outside my bag. But its good if you need it. There is a small Velcro panel to put your patches on.

3 pockets an 2 very small side pockets,
The main compartment is made of good material on the inside. There is a divider with a elastic band for documents, but it can be used for everything. As for every small backpack with a bladder, you have to take in account that when your bladder is full, you will lose some of your carrying capacity in the main compartment. The main compartment is perfect to fit some food and extra clothes.
The front pocket had a Velcro panel that I never used and had very nice divider to put in all your small items. I usually use it to put my snacks and fast access accessorizes in it.
The top pocket is lined with a fleece material to protect your glasses. Well, it’s made for that but, I never used it for that. I always carry my spare glasses in a case because if you roll on your back, your glasses get squished. Because it’s a small compartment, I put all my smallest stuff in there and if I have my glasses in there, they will get scratched. So the compartment is good, but the fleece was not necessary. 

On the side you have 2 small pockets that I never used before. It’s big enough to put some maps, passports, money, … in but that’s it. I have no idea what else I can put in there. Maybe you have an idea, just let me know. 

Ventilated back,
To make it comfortable to wear, the back has a ventilated mesh and is padded. I like the side padding and mesh but I have a problem with the lower mesh part, because I’m using a belt with Velcro it tears up the bottom mesh. If you don’t have a Velcro belt, this will not be a problem. 

Waist & chest straps
The bag has a waist and chest strap that you can remove if you want. The bag fits really snug on my back and the straps make sure it stays in place even when I do my crazy moves. I have to replace the buckle on my chest strap because it got hit from very close and the plastic buckle broke. 

What is very cool on this bag is that it comes with a 3l bladder and one of the best sucking pieces that I have ever used. The sucking is so easy and it works perfect and it has a nice cover to keep the dirt out.
You insert the bladder in the back compartment, that is separate from the main compartment. The advantage of that is that if you have a leakage in your bladder, the main compartment will not get flooded. 

The straps are very comfortable to wear and are not to thick but well padded. There is a ventilation mesh and some straps to guide the bladder hose. If I use this bag it mostly never goes of my back during missions. So it really have to be comfortable. But if you want to take of the bag fast, there are buckles on the straps. 

Zippers and buckles,
I had no issue with the buckles or zippers, well except for the one that got hit by a BB.
The zippers don’t have a cover but are water resistant.

Some numbers of this bag,
The bag is 25x43x15cm
It’s a 18L bag and is available in Grey, Black, Tan and OD. I got the OD version again, because OD fits with everything.
The bag costed me around 65euros and you can find it online between 65-70eur depending on the shop. 

If you’re looking for small bag for weekend games or hiking trips, I can really advice this bag.