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GoPro 7 Cable thing – Save your GoPro from dying.

This can small little fix can save your GoPro7 from dying.

Because I switched from a gopro 3, that had the best way to use external battery with a dummy battery and a USB cable, to a gopro 7 where you have to use a USB C thing to use an external battery. But if tested this, I saw that this option would just kill the connection in the GoPro. 

I started searching for a solution but could not find anything that would fix the problem. I talked to people that use the GoPro7 and they had indeed destroyed their connection because of the cable.
I had people tying the wire down to a cap or headband, but the connection was still a weak point. 

So I started to spin my gears and I have a 3d printer so why not make something myself. 

If I could make something that fit into the hole where the cable goes in but gives support to the plastic of the cable so it can’t wobble as much. 

So I started drawing and trying and a few models later I had this little thing. 

The part that sticks out is to be able to get the little piece back out of it, but you can also attach your cable to that with zip-ties to make it even sturdier. 

It fits really snug into the hole of the gopro and my cable, important, fit the hole and the cable is not wobbling anymore. So that would extend the lifetime of the gopro a lot. 

The drawing and the print file is in the description of the video because and at the end of this text, this fits my cable, but if your cable has a different dimension, it will not fit. You can do 2 things, trim the plastic of the cable so it fit this model, of change the drawing to your dimensions. 

You have to be careful with the center because that will change on a different cable. Also there is not a lot of material left to print, keep that in mind while searching for a cable. 

It’s a small little fix, that I don’t understand why it’s not here already. Hopefully it can help some people with a gopro 7 to not destroy there USB C port. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know. If you tried it and it worked well for you, also let me know.

Have a great day.