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My Chestrig – What’s in it & why – My Gear – Layer 2b

Why a chestrig

Airsoft gear has to be used for the purpose of the game. It has to fulfil my needs in as many situations as possible. That way I can use 1 item on multiple occasions. 

I choose a chestrig over a plate carrier because it’s lighter, less bulky and easier to take with me. It will provide me with the needed pouches and straps to carry all the things I need in that layer. 

The chestrig falls in the second layer, or better 2b. Together with my belt this makes up for the whole second layer of my gear. Depending on the situation I will only carry layer 2a or 2b or both. 

  • Only 2b, that’s more for a CQB style game for fast games.
  • Only 2a, that’s to walk around base on bigger games.
  • 2a and 2b, that’s my main configuration for any woodland game. 

As you see my gear is set up in different layers and I have videos (or I’m making them) about every layer but also different parts of that layer. You can find those videos in the description. 

You can find chestrigs in all types and forms. It’s impossible for me to tell you what chestrig you should get, but I’ll give you a few ideas later on in the video. 

The rig I started off with was this, black vest type rig with fixed pouches. The whole team had the same vest so that’s why I had this one. It served its purpose but it’s clumsy and not really flexible. It’s taking a lot of space for the things it carries. 

The next rig was my Vietnam belt + suspenders setup. It’s indeed not really a chestrig, because during the Vietnam war that was not what they used. The SF used a chestrig, sometimes but normal soldiers did not. You can say that the bandoleers together with the belt were my first chestrig/belt setup. 

Next up, the first proper chestrig I bought. A second hand cheap woodland chestrig where I could change the pouches to my configuration. I changed it up a few times, depending on the rifle I was using. This chestrig was perfect to find what I was looking for. This is also something I would recommend to any starter player that needs to find its way in airsoft. By keeping the base layer you can change the pouches to how you like it. 

By changing to an AK platform, I needed something else and converted an old Chicom to something more modern with some more flexibility. Simple and does the trick. 

The last chestrig is a rig with fixed pouches because at this time I knew what I needed and why I would use this. It took me over 10 years to buy something more expensive to carry the stuff. I spend months comparing different styles. I went for fixed pouches for more stability and durability. I have videos about the last 2 chestrigs and I’ll link them in the description.  I could make this decision because I knew what I was going to put in my chestrig. 

Which brings us to the next point, what is in my chestrig?

The basic setup for all my chestrigs was the same. Sometimes a small item changes position or I don’t bring it to an event. But it’s actually very simple. 

There are 2 main things I carry on my chestrig and that is ammo and communication. My magazines are in front of me. The amount of magazines changes, depending on the rig. So in some cases more mags will be on my belt if I go AK style because it only takes 3 mags. 

So ammo is covered.

The communication is always a radio in a pouch on the side with a PTT that is close to my right shoulder. I’m a lefty so my stock is on my left shoulder. That’s why my PTT is on the right. The headset itself also has the mic on the right side, so it doesn’t bump into my stock. 

The extra pouches are used for small items. Usually my phone is in the left pocket for easy access.
Besides that there will be some ingame items like a small map and compass. 

That’s it, that’s everything I have with me in this layer. The summary is very short. Ammo & Communication. 

What do you prefer to use in airsoft? Chestrig or Plate carrier or do you just use a belt?
If you think I forgot something or said something wrong, let me know in the comments. I’m always eager to learn more about how people set up their gear. 

I hope I was able to give you some useful information.

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