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Podcast – The Chairsofter Show – Airsofter World

Back again, 4 years later, on The Chairsofter Show. This time we talk a little about me but a lot about Airsofter World. It’s always a pleasure to be on the show.

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May 9th 2023

This week on The Chairsofter Show, we welcome back Robrecht Verage to talk about Airsofter.World. This is a website specifically for Airsofters, without the risk of being censored due to the nature of the content. This is still fairly new internationally, but would make an awesome tool for Players, Sites and Shops alike to better the community and make an amazing space for all things airsoft. You can control events, eventually set up on the marketplace and more. Make sure to check out this episode, head on over to Airsofter.World and sign up to the site and get involved.

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