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Red Spies! – Berget 19 – Airsoft Milsim Sweden

Berget 19 – Red Spies!

If you went to Berget 19, you might have heard the story that the Red team had spies in the Blue base that was feeding the Red side with important information…

Well, after hours of digging I found the source of that story. I can tell you it wasn’t easy. But when my team is mentioned as the ones doing the cheating, I just had to do something. What better way of doing this than finding out the truth and bringing that truth to everyone.

This is what this video is all about. I explain every detail and how I came to the conclusion of the truth behind the story. I should say it would surprise you… but it actually might not.

I told before that my Berget 19 videos are going to be different than other years. I speak about certain topics while I use the footage I made as B-roll and to explain certain events. With this I want to try to bring the Berget events to you in whole different way than you’re used of me. It brings a lot more depth into the whole event.

I made this choice because the role I had and where I was located most of the time. That footage wouldn’t show the correct experience I had. With this Berget 19 series, I want to bring my story, but different.

Hope you like this style.

Enjoy the video!